Quality Control

Organic Quality Control

Synertek colostrum is collected in transparent two-gallon jars. This enables close visual inspection to be sure none of the jars contain macro-contaminants, those contaminants large enough to see with the naked eye. Each jar is visually inspected a total of five times. Finally the jars of colostrum are combined into larger batches, and each batch is tested by both an in-house laboratory and an independent third-party laboratory to be sure it is free of micro-contaminants of all kinds, including both chemical and micro-biological, and that it meets the parameters of 1st six hour colostrum. Only then is it certified.

Certified Analysis

Component Specification Actual
Protein At least 48.9% 55.8%
Fat At least 18.9% 21.7%
IgG * Tentative 26.7%
Total Immunoglobulin Tentative 32.0%
Lactose Less than 13.3% 11.6%

For highest quality colostrum make sure all of the above components fall near the specified values.

* IgG content can be a measure of colostrum quality, if the IgG level has not been artificially raised by altering the colostrum, such as by removing the fat.

Supplement Facts

Lozenges (serving size = 1 lozenge)
  Amount % RDA Calories
Colostrum 200 mg* Not established. Less than 1
Sugar (dextrose) 1 gm 2.5 4
Fat 40 mg Less than 1 Less than 1
Other ingredients: Natural strawberry and raspberry flavoring, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide.
*Other brands may require higher dosage amounts for similar results.
Powder (serving size 1/4 tsp)
Colostrum 400 mg Not established. Less than 1
Sugar 9 mg Less than 1  
Fat 80 mg Less than 1 Less than 1
Synertek powder is 100% pure with nothing added.
Liquid (serving sixe 1 tsp)
Colostral Whey 1 tsp Not established. Less than 1
Sugar <1 mg Less than 1 Less than 1
Fat <1 mg Less than 1 Less than 1
Synertek liquid contains methyl and propyl paraben, a common food preservative.

Lactose Intolerance

Lactose intolerant individuals (regardless of body weight) can usually tolerate up to about 77 mg. lactose before a response is likely to occur. (Ley) Dry Synertek colostrum (such as in the powder and lozenges) is about 11.5% lactose. A lactose intolerant person should be able to use two lozenges (200 mg each) at a time, or 1/4 tsp (about 400 mg) of the powder at a time, or 1/2 tsp of the liquid without a reaction. Some persons with lactose intolerance report that their symptoms vanish altogether when using colostrum.

Dairy Allergies

Some persons with dairy allergies report symptoms with the lozenges and the powder and some do not. Persons with dairy allergies may want to try the liquid since it has the casein removed.