Weight Loss and Colostrum

How Colostrum can Help with Weight Loss.

Illustration of healthful weight loss.

For a healthier, more athletic, better apportioned body.

3 Key Points

(1) Colostrum contains leptin (Greek leptos meaning thin). Leptin plays a key role in regulating energy intake and energy expenditure, including appetite and metabolism. Colostrum also contains IgF-1, which is required to metabolize fat for energy.

(2) Colostrum will not cause a rapid, drastic loss of weight. If you are looking for a miracle pill to change you from fat to skinny overnight, so that you can now fit your whole body into one leg of your old pants, look elsewhere. Colostrum won’t do that.

(3) The effect of colostrum is to increase lean muscle mass and decrease body fat simultaneously. The benefit is cumulative since increased muscle mass results in more calorie burning and conversion of fat to energy. Colostrum will help make you look and feel better by a completely natural, healthful, and sustainable process. Starvation diets on the other hand result in reduced muscle mass, which lowers calorie burning, which encourages fat storage, and starvation diets are therefore self-defeating over the long term.

Weight Loss and Colostrum Testimonial

“I ended up losing 15 pounds within the first few months…”

I have been using your Synertek First Six Hour Colostrum Lozenges for over 6 years with great success. There are a lot of colostrum products on the market but yours stood out as the highest quality and most potent colostrum product I could find. I initially purchased the lozenges to support my immune system but there have ended up being a number of unexpected benefits. Before using the colostrum lozenges I had quite a problem regulating my blood sugar levels. I’m not diabetic but would get kind of crazy when my blood sugar got too low. I was eating a lot of snacks between meals and would often crave sweets after eating dinner. I started taking a colostrum lozenge when I would normally have a snack and found that really my body was craving some proper nutrition and that if I took a lozenge in most cases I wouldn’t need a snack. I wasn’t as hungry at meal time either and if I had a desire for dessert after dinner I could take a lozenge and the craving for sweets would subside. I ended up losing 15 pounds within the first few months of using the lozenges and now am quite surprised at how many snacks I used to eat throughout the day that my body never really needed. If I get into a pattern where I am craving a lot of sweets I will increase my intake of the lozenges to help get things back on track and I am easily able to avoid sweets without feeling deprived. My digestion has improved too and I expect that I am processing the foods I do eat more thoroughly and needing to consume less food as a result. Last year I decided to try your skin cream. I live in the high desert of New Mexico and it is extremely dry here, but many creams that are thick enough to provide moisture for my skin were also greasy and caused my skin to break out. My skin also tends to be a bit sensitive and temperamental so it has been difficult for me to find products that I enjoy using and feel are good for the over all health of my skin. Your colostrum skin cream hydrates my skin and absorbs well without any greasy residue and without causing breakouts. It also has such a nice light fragrance and has become a staple of my skin care regime. I just can’t do without it! As much as I love the lozenges I think I love the skin cream even more.
Keep up the good work,
M. Caskey

Colostrum was your first meal. All mammals produce colostrum for the newborn. Colostrum for use as a dietary supplement by adult humans is harvested from dairy cows after the new calf has drank enough for its needs. Cow colostrum is virtually the same as human colostrum, except it is more concentrated. Colostrum begins to transition to normal milk after the calf is born, and only colostrum harvested within about six hours post calving provides the full benefit that nature has designed it to.

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