Colostrum is nature’s perfect supplement, but only colostrum collected within six hours has maximum bioactivity, and only whole, intact colostrum has natural liposomal delivery.

Colostrum is produced before milk by the mammary glands of all mammals, including humans, for the newborn. It contains all the essential biochemicals required to jump start health, strength and vitality. It awakens, stimulates, maintains, and balances all bio-systems, strengthens and balances the immune system, stops bleeding, regenerates damaged and aged body cells, and more, for both the newborn and individuals of any age when taken as a supplement. Colostrum for human use is harvested from dairy cows. Bovine colostrum is virtually identical to human colostrum and works perfectly for humans, dogs, cats, horses and other mammals as well. With cows the colostrum begins diluting soon after calving, and only colostrum collected within six hours of calving has maximum bioactivity.

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– Apolo Ohno

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